I’m trying to be more chatty, guys.   I feel like i haven’t been chatty enough.   here is some cool stuff that’s happened in the world of Robot Mountain.

1) I reposted my Punch Captain comic on tumblr in a more reader-friendly format and, man, was that ever a good idea.   Thursday at 3pm I had over 200 notes – and when I posted it before as just a link I had, something like 14 notes.   So that’s a considerable change and it makes super happy to know that people ARE reading and people ARE liking it.   Here’s the link to my tumblr and the reformatted comic, in case you guys aren’t already following me.  Which you should be.

2) Current writer for the Tick, Benito Cereno, tweeted about my aforementioned Punch Captain comic.  Which is awesome because that guy has a wikipedia page.  Making him the second person with a wikipedia page (Dean Trippe is one of my favorite dudes.  He retweeted a tweet of mine and I got 200 hits on this site).   I mentioned this on Facebook (which I rarely used) and pretty much everyone “liked” it – because, you know.  The Tick, man.  Here it is:

You should follow him on twitter if you’re into that sort of thing.  and you should follow me, too, right? @starr226  I post a lot of stuff on there and on tumblr I forget to post here.

3. I’m doing $10 commissions all month  Little 4″x4″ guys.  That includes domestic mailing.  What will I draw?  I don’t know, man.  Anything?  As long as it doesn’t include weiners and vaginas, I guess.  Just email me starr226(at)gmail.com