So I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on around here since we just finished up a project, and the last time we finished up a project I went right into the next and it might appear that there’s a delay this time.

On December 5 I’m going to start posting, twice weekly (as always) the pages from Punch Captain.  I want that little nugget of awesome to be part of the Robot Mountain canon officially.   So for 5 weeks as of the 5th into the new year we’re going to see the Captain here again.  I did some color tweaks adding the shading technique I used for Adventure Wizard just to add some depth to it.   So it’s like Punch Captain 2.0.

After that you guys are going to get something completely new – and it’s going to be in the full page format that I’ve been working in for the past several months with Wild Dog, Frankenstein and Punch Captain.   I’m also going to be trying a few months later to do something I’ve never seen done by a webcomic before.   That’s not hyperbole.   I’m doing something 100% new.   Never seen before.   So that’s pretty exciting.  I hope this project is good enough to validate it.

ALSO, early in the year I’m going to be going into full on “Get Ricky Thunder Printed” mode.  We’re talking a 170 page,full color graphic novel of our favorite wrestling bro.  This is almost assuredly going to be via Kickstarter, but I’m going to be offering up both print and digital versions.  My friend Tyler Garrison already did the cover design work and it looks amazing.  So for the next couple weeks I’m going to be working on getting that guy ready for print too.   That means, by the way some updated art and even, probably, a couple new pages.  If you guys can think of any potential rewards that would get you pumped about supporting this PLEASE let me know.  I really want this to be successful, not just because it would be awesome to see something I did in printed form but because I’m going to be doing some conventions this year and would like to have something for sale.   So save your Christmas money!  And I’ll assuredly be bugging you all about this in the next couple weeks.