1) Finished my first comic The Legend of Ricky Thunder in February

2) Immediately started working on Adventure Wizard which I finished in December

3) In May, as a lark, I made a short comic based on an awesome idea I heard from Dylan Todd starring the D-Vengers and Marvel characters.

4) I killed it out so quick I decided to make a minicomic to hand out at Louisville’s Derby Con to promote my site.  So I made a 16 page, quarter page monster comic. I did this also in May.

5) I enjoyed making THOSE two so much, in June I did another mini-comic in a couple of days called Punch Captain.  Which I adore.   At this point I felt like I had taken a huge step forward creatively.  Comics suddenly started to feel right as a dedicated form of expression.   I loved Punch Captain so much I’m re-posting it with some color changes on my site for the world to see.

6) I was not only being super productive but was feeling super creative.  A few months later I jokingly dared my twitter followers that if I got to 200 followers I would do a 10 page Wild Dog comic.  In a couple weeks it happened, soon after I posted a 15 page comic that ended up getting over 12,000 reads and basically changed my life forever.

7) I followed it up a month later with a 10 page homage to the recently cancelled Frankenstein by DC comics.  This was a similarly successful endeavor.

8) Along with just my comic output I was also allowed to participate in the Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Reduxe which I regrettably fulfilled all but one of my obligations to.

9) And another goal I wanted to fulfill was to participate in a for real art show and I ended up taking part in THREE.  I was able to sell every piece I showed this year – which is baller success.  Super awesome.

10) …and all sorts of other nonsense that I drew this year.  From Stabby Ghost twitter avatars to another Dylan Todd concept, to D-Men and my first commissions as a comic artist, to whatever and ever.

All in all, in 2012 I posted over 100 comic pages to my website and made another 50 or so pages on top of an endless number of throwaway sketches, 15 paintings that hung and sold out at art shows and galleries, and added not only 200+ twitter followers but made a bunch of great friends in the comic community.

I can’t wait for 2013, dudes.   I’m upping my game so hard.

What can you look forward to?

- my Legend of Ricky Thunder Kickstarter to get that dude printed

- a new comic project at Ricky Thunder

- my first goes at exhibiting at comic conventions


I’m pumped about these new comics and new comic adventures and I hope that you are all up for joining me.