As you dudes may or may not know, I’m gearing up to do a Kickstarter this month for a print run of Ricky Thunder to take to conventions and whatnot.  As a result of this I’ve been putting the book together for print and I found an unfinished scene that I had cut from the book.   I think it’s pretty amusing so I’ve colored and lettered it and even had to do add some art to it to post here.

I’ve included the last posted panel that would have proceeded the unused pages for reference.


So, why did I not use it?  At the time I felt like the direction it went made it clear whether or not Ricky was having a psychotic episode or not through the rest of the book and I felt like that greatly detracted from one of the joys of the story.  But, when I saw these pages I immediately went SEWER BOB! and had to post them eventually.   I am intending to start my Kickstarter on January 26th for 30s days.  It will end on my birthday and I hope that you guys are interested and willing to contribute to what I am hoping will be an awesome birthday.