Just a couple days left on the Kickstarter and your chances to not only get a sweet, physical copy of the book but also an ALL NEW 12 page Ricky mini-comic, some hilarious stickers, the 9 piece trading card set, my collection of mini-comics (48 pages!).  If you are wanting to get all that extra good stuff remember you have to pledge at least $25.   There’s also still spots left to get some original art be it a watercolor or a black and white.

In other news:  RICKY THUNDER IS IN USA TODAY.  That’s right I was interview for an article about Ricky Thunder and it’s on the USA TODAY website.  The actual USA TODAY.  THAT ONE.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

Also, I failed to mention here but I did another podcast interview with James and Jason Ford of the Womb Mates Podcast and it was a good fun time.  If you enjoyed my comicsalliance talk, you should enjoy this one too.

Over 300% funded on the Kickstarter – it’s really be a great welcome from the people and I’m digging it, and it’s so appreciated.  Thanks, all you guys.