Hey Everyone!

Long time no comics and whatnot, huh?  I miss you, guys.  I’ll be back to work filling up Robot Mountain with comics soon.

But HEY if you are in the INDIANAPOLIS area I’ll be at Downtown Comics, like, all day.  I’m definitely going to be at the Westside store (7301 W 10th St) from 11 to…something. I’m not sure yet.  I may spend some of the evening hours at the Castleton store.  I may just go home.  Look, I will definitely be at Downtown comics from 11-5.  Come hang out.  Buy some stuff.  I will have stuff that I have not posted on the site (as I do at all my convention appearances)  like my anthology that includes Punch Captain No. 2, or the extra Ricky Thunder comic I made for the Kickstarter.   Or prints.  Or cheap awesome commissions because I am awesome.


Come meet Kyle!