I’ve updated my site, duders!
If you look up at the top there you will see a new page link marked STORE where you’ll find a link to my Storenvy page, where I sell physical copies of my stuff, and also links to my Gumroad site, where I sell DIGITAL copies of stuff. It’s a little confusing, but you go on and get up there and hook it up.’

There are THREE things available (both physically and digitally) on both sites that have NEVER been put up here at Robot Mountain: Ricky Thunder 2, Punch Captain 2 and the Untitled Monster Project mini that I have only ever had available at conventions.

If you know someone who missed out on the Kickstarter, even – this is their chance to get some stuff, right? Pretty neat, guys. Pretty neat.

I can’t wait until I take all your inevitable money loves and buy some gold plated yachts.