I really hope you guys can take this opportunity to go back and read this thing from the beginning.  It won’t more than, like, 45 minutes, I promise and I think the whole thing reads better straight through.

And tell your friends!

I’ve wanted to do a fully-realized (so to speak) comic for a long time and am super happy to have finally put one together.  I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and I think it’s pretty clear I went from “just wanting to get a story out” to “okay, I sort of care about this thing now.”    I think that I may have made the best wrestling webcomic out there.   Maybe.

Anyway, thanks to you dudes who read every day and let me know that you read every day and thanks even more to those dudes who I know legitimately really enjoyed it.   I hope the works that come to follow are half as enjoyable or twice so.

Just to reiterate a past announcement, following Ricky I’m going to be posting the completed Adventure Wizard stuff I did for 30 days of creativity last year (and didn’t finished).  After that a completely new thing I’m pretty excited about – it’s tonally different than Ricky but hopefully still pretty awesome.
Thanks, you guys!  Thanks so much!